​Casey Creative

​A creative company that works as hard to understand and promote your company as you do, that's our jam.

​We're here to talk about you...

​Writing an about us section goes against everything we stand for. We're way more interested in learning about you and what makes you tick. But here we are writing a bio, and here you are reading about Casey Creative, so we'll give you what you're looking for. In future meetings, however, we we want to get to know you.

​Meet the head honcho.

The formal bio: ​Roger Casey is the owner of Casey Creative. As a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, Roger has a passion for marketing and entrepreneurship that led him to start Casey Creative after working in the industry for a number of years as a sales rep.  He brings an enthusiasm and passion to his clients in his work that tempers the novelty and excitement of the creative process with a disciplined approach to strategy.  Roger plans to retire continuing to run Casey Creative and considers running the company to be one of the great joys of his life.

The other stuff: Roger is oddly obsessed with his two cats. He really finds joy in those little fur-balls. Other (healthier) obsessions include golf, sports, a bold red wine and his wife, Candie. ​

Don't worry, it's not just Roger.

Among all of the smart things that Roger has done, one of the smartest has to be surrounding himself with incredibly talented and experienced people. Anything you need to promote your business or event, Casey Creative has the experienced partner to help you. Whether you need digital marketing,  print pieces, a new identity, signage, promotional products, packaging... we can help. 

Goal: Bring ​your brand to life. 

​Anyone can sell you a pen, hat, or sign – we bring a different spin to that with our true understanding of what it is to define your brand through the tangibles with print, promotional products, apparel, signage, and more mixed into legitimate campaigns that accomplish real goals.

What’s more, we don’t charge you a thing to consult with you about how to bring your brand to life.