Brown Investment Properties

Brown Investment Properties is a commercial real estate firm located in Greensboro, NC. They were incorporated in 1960, and hold a wealth of experience, enabling them to help a diverse customer base located across the Piedmont Triad.

The Goal

Brown Investment Properties came to us towards the end of 2019. As an already busy firm, they recognized the need for effective marketing and branding materials for their properties, and as such, they had been sourcing these materials, in addition to web design and signage, to multiple vendors. We came together with one unified goal: to streamline these processes.

The Process

Through collaboration with senior staff members, all efforts were made to best understand the unique tenant base and feel of each respective property. Our hope was that this would help Brown Investments breathe easier, knowing that they only needed to come to one unified source for any of their marketing needs.


Over time, we have assisted Brown Investment Properties with the project management, logo, and graphic design for multiple multi-family properties they oversee.

Goal: Bring your brand to life. 

Anyone can sell you a pen, hat, or sign – we bring a different spin to that with our true understanding of what it is to define your brand through the tangibles with print, promotional products, apparel, signage, and more mixed into legitimate campaigns that accomplish real goals.

What’s more, we don’t charge you a thing to consult with you about how to bring your brand to life.