Mother’s Day 2020!

On a personal level, we know that you may have had...a few things on your mind as of late, to put it mildly. This is especially true if you have been working remotely, as your job description likely expanded beyond your comfort level. The kids are also home, you’re a teacher now (who knew), the dog is barking, “what time was that Zoom call scheduled for again?”; the list goes on. Some of the norms of a pre-COVID 19 world can get lost, which is why we wanted help out and provide a friendly reminder 1) to call your Mother, and 2) that Mother’s Day is on May 10th!

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With that, we wanted to give you some ideas for celebrating all the Moms in your world, which can all be easily drop shipped to as many individual addresses as you need!

Photo and Memory Box with Custom Box

Glam-On-The-Go Kit

Alternative Ladies' Maniac Eco -Fleece Sweatshirt

12 Oz. Iced Out Vinay Stemless Wine Cup

Bamboo Soy Candle

Rest and Relaxation Kit

Ace Cooler Tote Bag

9 Oz Wine Glass

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