Wieland Is the world's foremost manufacturer and seller of copper tubing products. Established in 1820, Wieland now has manufacturing sites located across the globe, and a diverse industry portfolio ranging from automotive to refrigeration. Casey Creative became involved with Wieland following their North American expansion and acquisition of Global Brass and Copper in 2019.

The Goal

Following their expansion, Wieland needed a sole source to supply promo products and apparel through a unified company storefront.

The Process

Casey Creative worked diligently with the Wieland team for months to ensure that all boxes were checked, and policies were observed. Any company store for the company needed to adhere to strict branding guidelines for about 3,000 employees across 25+ global locations.


Through teamwork, transparency, and collaboration, we were able to deliver a robust new company store that satisfies the needs of a global, multidivisional company. Through the same level of teamwork and transparency, we are proud to continue a great working relationship with the Wieland team.

Our Goal: Bring your brand to life. 

Anyone can sell you a pen, hat, or sign – we bring a different spin to that with our true understanding of what it is to define your brand through the tangibles with print, promotional products, apparel, signage, and more mixed into legitimate campaigns that accomplish real goals.

What’s more, we don’t charge you a thing to consult with you about how to bring your brand to life.